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Would you like your child to be more attentive, responsible, and organized? Then, help them manage their school planner effectively with the tips mentioned in this post by The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Hilshire Village).

If you’d like your child to stay on top of all of their responsibilities, and be more organized with their time and efforts, a planner can be a great way to achieve it. It works as a reliable reminder of their homework, chores, tests, activities, and more. However, the planner itself won't do the trick. Your child actually needs to use their planner correctly in order to receive the benefits it has to offer. If you’d like to teach your child to keep an planner effectively, so it can help them have a more successful new school term, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX (Hilshire Village) has a few tips you should keep in mind!

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How to Help Your Child Manage Their Planner for School

Find the Right Planner for Your Child

The first step towards success in this case is to find the perfect planner for your child. Focus on finding one that's big enough so they can write all of their duties in it, portable enough so they can carry it around, that has the dates on it to keep their events organized, and that has a design they like to ensure they will use it.

Bring the Planner Everywhere

A planner is of no use if it’s sitting on your child’s desk at home. That's why, one of the first things you need to do, is to encourage your child to take their planner in their backpack everywhere they go (which is why it's important that you provide a portable one they can carry easily). This way, they’ll be able to access it whenever and wherever they need it.

Organize the Planner With Colors

A fun way for your child to organize their planner visually, is to color -coordinate certain subjects, tasks or activities. Colored pens or highlighters can help them to this end. They can use a green pen, for example, to write all of their math homework, or they could use purple for band practice. This will give their planner a colorful spin and will make it more fun, too, which may motivate your child to use it more often.

Write, Write, Write!

Probably the most important part about having a planner is actually writing on it. Encourage your child to write down every assignment, upcoming test, activity or other important information that they need to be reminded of in their planner. Make them realize that “the faintest ink beats the strongest memory”. If they use their planner for school and they have to note their important projects, tell them to write them down on the day they were assigned and on their due date so they can keep track of them.

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Expand on the Information

There are certain assignments that need a bit more explaining or that have very specific instructions. For these cases, tell your child to use sticky-notes to further expand on the assignment or to write down other important reminders. Doing so will help them remember those details well.

Update It Constantly

A planner needs to be used properly in order to fulfill its purpose. This is why you should ask your child to update it constantly. By simply crossing off those assignments that they’ve already completed and modifying the information on an assignment when needed, they’ll have a more organized and reliable planner.

Check It on a Daily Basis

Lastly, another important thing to consider is that your child should check their planner on a daily basis. Encourage them to do so, even on days when they think they have nothing going on, so they get used to checking it and confirming their activities for the day.

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